Refractance Window® Drying Technology

Yields a Whole Food Product

Denali BioTechnologies Inc. products are not extracts — they are concentrated whole foods of exceptional starting potency. That means when the frozen raw materials are processed, only the water is removed.

We utilize state-of-the-art Refractance Window® drying technology, which dries and evaporates juices and purees into flakes so gently, yet completely, that everything Nature put into the plant — color, flavor, aroma, vitamins, minerals, and active phytonutrient ingredients — remains intact in the proper ratios, while spores and microbes from the soil are virtually eliminated. The flakes may be used in a variety of formulations without subsequent processing, but they can also be rehydrated, milled, or encapsulated.

Because of this unique technology, Denali products are shelf-stable for up to three years under proper storage conditions.