Denali Biotechnologies Inc., Makers of AuroraBlue®, Awarded Patent for Vaccinium Compositions

The patent protects the unique harvesting and preparation techniques of wild Alaska blueberries leading to the bioactive‐rich whole food product AuroraBlue®

HOMER, AK (December 15, 2013) – DENALI BioTechnologies Inc. (DENALI) has announced that they are recipients of a new patent protecting the unique harvesting and post-harvest preparation techniques of Vaccinium compositions. Vaccinium, a genus in the plant family Ericaceae, includes wild Alaska blueberries, which are the principal component of the product AuroraBlue®. AuroraBlue® is a pure whole food product exclusive to DENALI and is a potent source of antioxidants and bioactives.

Vaccinium compositions have been consumed by humans for thousands of years for their powerful health properties, but this patent is unique in that it reflects the use of high latitude blueberry species that produce remarkable levels of flavonoids and a specific and proprietary process that maximizes their potential benefits,” said Maureen McKenzie, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of DENALI.

Dr. McKenzie discovered that the harsh conditions in Alaska caused the wild blueberry species growing there to evolve to contain a bioactive profile distinct from blueberries raised in more traditional circumstances.

As protected by the new patent, DENALI found that picking wild Alaska blueberries at a particular point in the growth cycle and manipulating post-harvest physiology results in maximization of the berries’ naturally occurring substances (in particular, the anthocyanin content) and, thus, the corresponding potential for addressing disease conditions.

The resulting product, AuroraBlue®, offers the richest natural profile of nutrients derived from the genus Vaccinium, including up to 10 times certain bioactive compounds and antioxidant capacity.

Flavonoids and other vital nutrients in AuroraBlue® contribute to an impressive number of health benefits that:

  • Support healthy aging
  • Support brain and memory health
  • Promote cardiovascular health
  • Help maintain normal, healthy blood glucose and insulin levels

“We’re thrilled to formalize a process that has already proven tremendously beneficial,” said Dr. McKenzie. “We’re also proud to offer a product that is not only pure and potent but is also sustainably harvested in a socially responsible manner that supports Alaska Native peoples, creates jobs, and boosts local economies.”

The patent, “Vaccinium species compositions,” number 8591964, issued on November 26, 2013.