Natural Wonders from the Land of the Midnight Sun

Like the brilliant spectrum of colors of the Aurora Borealis, the fruits and greens featured in our products are natural wonders of the North. Denali BioTechnologies Inc. uses only wild species from Alaska that have served as subsistence foods for the Alaska Native peoples for thousands of years.

The Benefits of Adversity

A fascinating thing happens when plants are subjected to the severe growing conditions of the Alaska wilderness. The near 24-hours of sunlight during the summer growing season creates high levels of UV exposure, while the frigid temperatures of the Alaska winter and the cold soil temperature year-round stress the plant root systems. The plants respond by pumping out stress-related compounds, particularly flavonoids — the same compounds so beneficial to human health.

As a result:

  • Our AuroraBlue® wild-crafted Alaska Vaccinium berry complex (blueberries bilberries, and huckleberries) contains up to 10 times the bioactive compounds and antioxidant capacity measured in products made with wild blueberries and cultivated varieties from lower latitudes.
  • AuroraGreen® contains a wealth of minerals and vitamins, including vitamin D, which is rarely found in plant foods.
  • AuroraRed® contains 8 to 10 times more flavonoids than commercially dried rose hips from other parts of the world.

Sustainable Harvesting

All Denali products are wild-harvested on land that has never been cultivated, nor been exposed to any kind of industry. The harvesters simply go into the pristine wilderness and collect the bounty Nature provides. Over-harvesting is not an issue, as scientists estimate billions of pounds of berries grow in Alaska every year, with no cultivation whatsoever.

That is why all Denali products contain:

  • No pesticides or herbicides
  • No synthetic fertilizers
  • No human-introduced hybridization
  • No genetically modified organisms

Nearly all of our products are harvested with the cooperation of Alaska Natives and private Alaska citizens. If certain products occur more prolifically outside of Alaska, we seek assistance from our Canadian neighbors and their First Nations, or other circumpolar peoples on land they own or hold rights to utilize. An integral part of Denali’s corporate mission is to promote economic opportunity for these remote communities.