Towering over Denali National Park and Preserve in interior Alaska is a stunning, snow-covered mountain peak, the highest in North America. The Alaska Natives named it Denali, or “Great One.”

Greatness is a recurring theme in Alaska. The sun shines brighter here. The wind blows colder. And the plants grow more nutritious.

The unique Alaska plant species Denali BioTechnologies Inc. uses to make our flagship Aurora products, as well as our individual fruit powders, are exceptionally rich in bioactive compounds, while free of pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants. Why? Because they have had to adapt to survive in the harsh Alaska wilderness — growing at high latitudes in remote locations at very low temperatures and exposed to long hours of sunlight during the growing season.

Denali BioTechnologies Inc. is the only company dedicated to the development of time-honored natural ingredients from Alaska and the surrounding Arctic regions, which we sustainably harvest in cooperation with Alaska Native organizations and local people in remote communities around the state.

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